TEBRからは2年ぶりのリリースとなるCRZKNYの新譜は”DEPTH EP”
Juke/Footworkのプロデューサーとしても多くのリリースしているCRZKNYだが、TEBR-006 "NUCLEAR / ATOMIC" でも存分に発揮したElectroサイドのCRZKNY節が本作でも炸裂!
そして、表題曲のDEPTHをUKのPaul BlackfordがRemix!日英の高速Electroの代表格とも言えるCRZKNYとPaul Blackfordのトラックを堪能あれ!8月24日リリース!

CRZKNY’s “DEPTH EP” is his first release in the 2 years from TEBR.

CRZKNY takes a new swing on Juke/Footwork, and his individuality is shown on his previous EP “NUCLEAR / ATOMIC” (TEBR-006)

His style of Electro is full of feeling and speedy solid sounds that are just unique!

And the title song "DEPTH", is remixed on the EP by Paul Blackford

Touched 2 Remixes - The Third Element (Acromax Remix)

Check out the very talented Acromax at his soundcloud pages...

Touched 2 - 255 track Compilation Album for Macmillan Cancer Support

Some might have you believe that the most exciting electronic music releases of 2014 have already happened - well they would be wrong!

OUT NOW! Touched 2 is a jam-packed display of the best in electronic, ambient, experimental and neo-classical music, contributed by the cream of the crop from the world over.

Even better, it's all for a fantastic cause - Macmillan Cancer Support - with all proceeds being donated to the charity.
Over two hundred artists have banded together to produce this amazing spectacle, quite simply a who's who of awesome talent, ready to please your ears.

Available from bandcamp

Links - Homepage, Facebook, Justgiving

Featuring tracks by the following artsts...

(ghost), 2020k & Wet Eyes, 2ndMOUSE, 36, 808 State, A1 People, Adam Johnson, Ade Hodges, Alexander Aultman, alt/land, Alpturer, Anders Ilar, Anodyne, Antonymes, Arctic Rabbuck, Ard Bit, Arovane, Asonat, Autechre, Autumn Of Communion, B12, Bad Loop, Bath40, Bauri, Beatbigot, Bengalfuel, Bibio, BLN, Bocuma, Brambles & Nest, BrapAllgood, Brothomstates, Bunai Carus, Buspin Jieber, C\/\/\/\, Cali May, Carbinax, Carbo-flex, Ceephax Acid Crew, Chevron, Chikiss ft. Artem Sensiva, Christ., Cim, Clem Leek, Coltish Limbs, Cousin Silas, Cristian Vogel, Cyan341, Cyance, D'Arcangelo, Dan Stubbs, Datassette, Dave Monolith, David Morley, Dean De Benedictis, Derren Heath, Devicer, Dez Williams, diamat, Dirk Markham, Dirty Owl, DMX Krew, Dn Fnckn, Dryft, Dub Tractor, Dunaewsky69, Echaskech vs XSPANCE, Eigenheimer, Ektoise, Emptywhale, Emre Sevindik, Encym, Engine7, Enkidu, ENV(itre), EOD, Erinome, Esem, Ex Confusion, eyesix, Farfle, Fil Ok, Floating Spirits, Forlon, Frank Murder, Freeform, Frog Pocket, Funckarma, Future Image, G-Man, Gang Voilins, George Sarah, Ghostwerk, Greetings From Tuskan, Gwerkova, Hecq, Higher Intelligence Agency, Hint, I Am dive, Ian Hawgood, IJO, ilkae, Illl & Irma, Imploded View, Intricate, Jesper Sorensen, Jodey Kendrick, JTPE, Julien Mier, Kate Dilemma, Kingbastard, KNTK+ShaneAnthony, Kosmik Kommando, La Synthesis, Lackluster, Life In A Box, Little Eris, Logreybeam, Loopz, Lorenzo Montanà, Loscil, Luke Slater's 7th Plain, Luke Vibert, M-Band, Machinedrum, Maps, Maps and Diagrams, Mark Broom, Mark Gage & Jan Cermak, Marsen Jules, Marumari, Matthew Collings, Michael Dykehouse, Mick Chillage, Midimode, Miles Tilmann, Milieu, Min-Y-Llan, Mint, Mira Calix & Ulrich Schnauss, Missingsense, Mokhov, Mr C, Mr. Projectile, Mr.76ix, Murya, Mushrooms Season, Najem Sworb, Nathan Fake, Neotropic, Nervous_testpilot, Nimon, Nisho, Nonima, Nootropix, Normal, Noumen, Oberman Knocks, Obfusc, Ochre, Ocoeur, Offthesky, Olan Mill, Operator, Orbital, Our Loving Sun, Oxynucid, Paranerd, Paul Blackford, Paul Mac, Pentatonik (R. Simeon Bowring), Petrichoir, Pinar Akbay, Plaid, Plazmatron, Pleq + Lauki, Plus One (Acell), Porn Sword Tobacco, Port-Royal, Posthuman, Production Unit, Quiet Noise, R. Simeon Bowring (Pentatonik), Radioactive Man, Ralf Hildenbeutel, Re-Arbeiten, Red Eyes, Red Snapper, RENEGADE ANDROiD, Rich Thair, Richard Devine, Richard H. Kirk, Robert Babicz, Robert Leiner, Room of Wires, Rootsix, Russ Gabriel, Ruxpin, Sapphirine Phlant, Scott Robinson, Secede, Sense, Shammen Delly, Shintaro Aoki, Si Begg, SinQ, Sir Catipuss, Skp, Solipsism, Somatic Responses, Soutien Gorge, Static, Steve Stoll Presents, Subside, Sugardaddy, Sun Electric, Sun Glitters, Surface 10, Swegüno, Team Doyobi, Tenmoer, The Dandelion Council, The FLK, The Future Sound of London, The Gasman, The Inventors Of Aircraft, The Sly and Unseen, The Stratos Ensemble, Tim Koch, Tim Jackiw, TM404, Tom Roberts, Tomonari Nozaki, Tourmaline Hum, Troubleshooter, Twisted Perspective, Ulrich Schnauss, Varia, verbose, Veronica Greeen, Victoria Lukas, Warm Aquarelle, Weldroid, Western Eye CollectiV, White Mask, Wil Bolton, Wisp, Wolf Asylum, X&trick, Y Pencadlys, Yonni, Z-Arc, Zan Lyons, µ-Ziq

Electroclub Records presents Don't Stop Da Bass Volume 2

Electroclub Records - Don't Stop Da Bass Volume 2 is available to download from Bandcamp

01: Replicante Norman - When Science Wins
02: The Bandit - Lost Machines
03: Paul Blackford - Slipstream
04: Roid - Frozen Home
05: Gravedad Cinetica - Low Eq Again
06: Sentex - El Viaje Del Caballo Intergalactico