Fireflies EP Digital (Tokyo Electro Beat Park Recordings)

Paul Blackford - Fireflies EP (Tokyo Electro Beat Park Recordings)

2.Lotus Drive
4.Cursed Earth

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Light Years 7" Vinyl / CD / Digital (CPU Records)

Paul Blackford - Light Years (CPU Records)

Light Years vinyl takes 2 of the highlights from the accompanying digital LP, all of which demonstrate his versatility in expressing Paul Blackford's hip hop and funk influences from an electronic music perspective.
On first pass you might think you are listening to Nightmares on Wax, but without the heavy sampling as Blackford favours creating his sounds from scratch. Comparisons to Photek's Hidden Camera can be made in terms of atmosphere but keeping things within a slower trip hop framework.
Light Years is for chilling out, but there's a strong temptation to mix hip-hop vocals over the top due to the LP's solid instrumental foundations. 

1: Light Years
2: Necessary Evil
3: Hired Guns
4: Illusion
5: Blueberry Blunts
6: Undercover
7: Chrome Angel

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