The Paul Blackford Anthology - Volume One & Two

Volume Two
Volume One

The Paul Blackford Anthology Volme One & Two.

A collection of the bass maestro's best tracks from his prolific career. Chosen with care, this release is guaranteed to make your body move.

"So this is it, a collection of beats that I've made over the years (the first of four volumes). Some have been released before, some have not, some are new and some are from an old DAT tape of demo material that I produced when I was pretending to be doing work at college.

Respect to EDMX for giving me my first break, to the original X-Squad - Mel, Tom & Dave, the Delta-9 crew – Suzie Sparkle, Dan Smilex, Aled Jones, Jimmy Bolus, Adam Aiken, Olli Dutton, Mark Frisky Fingers Hume and the Robot Music DJ’s, the WIDE Records crew – Alan, John & Si, Edd Smashback, Radioactiveman, Dexorcist, Bass Junkie, Baxim, STX,Yoshihiro and the Tokyo Electro Beat Park Crew, AE35 and the Anti-Gravity Device crew, Electropunks Poland, DJ Mad Wax, Si Begg, Charles ‘The Mossman’ Mollet, Greg Scrase, Geoff ‘Lifecycle’ Dent @ Ricochet Records, Binalog Freq, Crobot Crew, Chris @ CPU, Richard ‘Tudor Acid’ Wigglesworth, and all of the dope Militant Science artists!"

Listen to Paul Blackford - Undercover

Paul Blackford - Undercover

Listen to Paul Blackford - Hired Guns

Paul Blackford - Hired Guns

Listen to Paul Blackford - Chrome Angel

Paul Blackford - Chrome Angel

Listen to Paul Blackford - Blueberry Blunts

Paul Blackford - Bluberry Blunts