Electroclub Records presents Don't Stop Da Bass Volume 2

Electroclub Records - Don't Stop Da Bass Volume 2 is available to download from Bandcamp

01: Replicante Norman - When Science Wins
02: The Bandit - Lost Machines
03: Paul Blackford - Slipstream
04: Roid - Frozen Home
05: Gravedad Cinetica - Low Eq Again
06: Sentex - El Viaje Del Caballo Intergalactico

Body Control presents Global Systems

"Your palms are sweaty, this is not normal as you are the greatest Bboy in all of Bosconia. However the circumstances of this contest are different. The year is 2092- and the interplanetary break-dance competition is taking place. You are the only enhanced life form to have made it this far. Your opponent- pure cyborg designed to do one thing-bust a move. You step onto the dance floor and face the robot. The music begins and you start your toprock. After a few minutes your dancing upgrade components are no longer doing it.....but you have the secret weapon your opponent does not. You have the power of BODY CONTROL!"

Body Control - Global Systems is available to buy on CD or download from Bandcamp

01: Sint - AmpMD
02: Gosub - Love From Planet X
03: Mr Myoplast - Resistance
04: Citizen 313 - Behavioral Modification Implant
05: Inkamera - War
06: Cybertone - Sterile Pathway
07: DAS Muster - Der Kodierer
08: Missqulater - MoonGirl
09: Mandroid - Subjective Perceptions
10: Retrig - Bent Winter
11: Paul Blackford - Jet Jaguar
12: Robodrum- Bass Against The Machine
13: Resting Cell - Global Update
14: HP Sneakstep - Robot Jiggin'
15: Sint- Ouwe Koffie
16: Master Jet The Destroyer - Kurganacid
17: Acidbat - Cosmic Turbulance
18: Dorosoto - Lock-Kraft

Various - Theme of Electro Empire

Various “Theme Of Electro Empire“
Electro Empire, EE-001 (MP3)
GTIN 4050486910078

The Empire strikes flashback! The new Electro Empire label kicks off with a long overdue digitally remastered re-release of this EP including the four winners of the 2003 ElectroEmpire.com theme song producers' competition. While the tracks by Gab.Gato from Italy (The Villains Inc., Dominance Electricity), Finland's Laite (X0X Records) and Split DJ out of Spain (Microciudad Recordings, Beathazard) represent the New School Electro sound of 2003, DJ Wildthing from Denmark takes it back to the roots, delivering a traditional mastermix packed with Electro classics from the 1980s. As a special bonus this re-release also features four previously unreleased competition entries by the Finnish duo Polytron (Kostamus Records), England’s Paul Blackford (Breakin', CPU, Militant Science, Twilight 76, WeMe), The Metric Brothers aka Dr. Skunkenstein from the UK & DJ D.S.K. out of China (Second To None, Electrolab Records) and once again DJ Wildthing with the second part of his Electrofunk mastermix.


01: Gab.Gato - Electro Empire
02: Split DJ - Electro Empire Soul
03: Laite - Electro Empire
04: DJ Wildthing - Lesson Electro Empire (Part 1)
05: Polytron - Electro Empire
06: Paul Blackford - Electro Empire
07: The Metric Brothers - Flight to Electro Empire
08: DJ Wildthing - Lesson Electro Empire (Part 2)

available to download from: bandcamp & junodownload

Paul Blackford - The League of Shadows


01: The League of Shadows
02: Proteus
03: Robotix
04: Funk Terminal
05: Moebius Theory

12" vinyl edition (250 copies worldwide) includes The League of Shadows, Proteus and Robotix. 
Order direct from  CPU Records via this link - CPU Records Online Shop

The full album download includes bonus items, a DIY CD Case.pdf and the 00001001 Digibook.pdf.direct from the CPU Records Online Shop

Also available from all good records stores including - Bleep, BoomkatKudos Records, Norman Records,

Review from Boomkat -

Paul Blackford reclaims the UK Bass tag with a trio of speedy, Detroit-styled electro weapons for Central Processing Unit. Darkside fiends will be all over the Bane-samples from The Dark Knight Rises dropped over the snappy, sub-heavy electro minimalism of 'The League Of Shadows', whilst the flipside tracks come off like some Rephlexian bootybass hybrid. Solid session.

Review from Bleep -

Central Processing Unit issue another brilliant slab of electro, the next in their binary catalogue number series, courteousy of Paul Blackford. Title track ‘The League Of Shadows’ meshes feather-light drum patterns recalling Drexciya with squelching acid bass and an unsettling vocoded sample in a way which feels classic without being clich├ęd. Elsewhere on ‘Proteus’ and ‘Robotix’ it is Blackford’s continued deftness of touch which lifts the EP from mere nostalgia, with vintage electro drums feeling weightless and skittering around like IDM at its finest.